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Mar 142017

A necessary blot on the landscape. A shot from Goatee beach, west side of Southampton taken way back in July 2006.

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Another Sunday, another church

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Mar 052017

..and some bits of southern Hampshire countryside. The church is in the grounds of the Hospital of St Cross & Almshouse of Noble Poverty, Winchester. It was the location of the first meeting I had with Chris, Ginnie, Astrid and Joy (who rarely posts on SC these days).

Nestling in the water meadows alongside the River Itchen and in the shadow of St Catherine’s Hill [I’m stood on top of teh hill] lies the ancient Hospital of St Cross. Reknowned for the tranquillity of its setting and the beauty of its architecture, the Hospital is one of England’s oldest continuing almshouses.

These fine medieval buildings have provided food and shelter for hundreds of years. The principal activity of the Hospital continues to be the provision of individual, private apartments for a living community of about twenty-five elderly men. Known as ‘Brothers’ they wear black or red gowns and a trencher hat for daily church and other formal occasions.

At the heart of the Hospital’s inner quadrangle is a wonderful Norman church, its tower, chancel, transepts and nave soaring so high that it looks like a cathedral in miniature. Nearby stand a classic medieval hall and kitchen, as well as a Tudor cloister, with another ancient hall in the outer quad that serves as a tea room. The extensive gardens are immaculately maintained throughout the year.

To the surprise of many, and despite it being a place of privacy and even retreat, visitors are welcome to St Cross. The Church is perfect for traditional weddings: this extends beyond the parish to the wider community, for whom baptisms and memorial services may also be conducted. All depend upon the agreement of the Master of St Cross.

A shot from February 2015.

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